My name is Lensa. USA. Working on getting a Master in Education/Teaching. Huge Fan of ♥Kareena Kapoor♥. Love Movies. Music. Friends. Fashion. Clothes.Shopping.Art. Magazines. TV shows. Books.

Currently Reading: Fangirl By Rinbow Rowell.

Shows: PLL. Teen Wolf. Arrow. Grey's Anatomy.

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Fav Movies: Because I Said So. Pitch Perfect. He's Just Not That Into You. THe Notebook. Ra.One. DDLJ. JWM. KKHH. Singham. ZNMD. English Vinglish. HDDCS. BBB

Bebo and Karishma at Sanjay Kapoor’s party. I wonder what they’re laughing about lol

pic credit to kareenaK_FC on twitter 

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